Maximum Health!

StoreMax glass food storage containers enable you to store your delicious meals, fresh fruits and vegetables in the most natural and purest thus the healthiest material: glass.

Maximum Technology!

Lids of StoreMax are “bi-component”, produced by high technology combining two different materials with different specifications. Stiff polypropylene material gives the lid its durability, its stackability as well as its transparency; while the soft elastic thermoplastic material provides easy use and life time guarantee for durability against opening/closing. The materials used in the lids are in accordance with the European Food Law Court and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Maximum Alternative!

Designed in two different shapes, round and square and available in three sizes each, StoreMax gives you six different alternatives to store your food.

Maximum Usage!

StoreMax is fully tempered thus suitable for fast life style of the era. Refrigerator, freezer, microwave (without lid) and dish washer safe; StoreMax glass storage containers are resistant to 135°C /275°F of temperature change and enable you to safely transfer your meals directly from your fridge to your microwave. Bi-component lids are locked tightly by using the 4 tabs on each side giving you the freedom to carry your meals in your bag. Brilliant glass base can also be used as a practical yet elegant serving dish.

Maximum Protection!

The bi-component BPA free plastic lids and silicone seals of StoreMax are leak-proof, air-tight and seals in the flavours of your delicious food.

Maximum Hygiene!

Hygienic StoreMax is stain resistant and dishwasher safe. Lids are BPA free and have removable silicone seals for easier cleaning.

Maximum Durability!

Made of fully tempered glass, it is more resistant to breakage than any usual glass and therefore has a longer life span.

Maximum Space-Saving!

StoreMax is designed to save maximum space in your kitchen. Same sized bases are designed to be stackable without the lid, while smaller sizes can be nested with their lids inside larger sizes. The non-slippery rubber-like component on the lids helps you keeping a safe storage and the base fits perfectly on the top of the same sized lid enabling a compact organization in your fridge.


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